How Can Cloud Computing Bolster Business Agility?

Business agility (the ability of your business to adapt rapidly to changing needs or objectives) is critically important to the success of your business. Being able to quickly change course to pursue new opportunities or fulfil changing customer needs enables your business to work proactively rather than reactively and establish itself as a leading contender […]

A Quick Guide to Start Cloud Migration

One of the most significant technological developments of recent years is the expansion of the cloud. In 2019, one survey found that 90% of businesses had adopted cloud hosting technology in some form, showing just how crucial it has become to modern IT infrastructure.   While the expansion of the cloud is undeniable, for many […]

6 Reasons Insurance Companies Should Move To The Cloud

The growth of cloud technology has been an exciting development across a number of industries in recent years. Insurance brokers and underwriters in particular are now beginning to migrate to cloud-hosted solutions in order to reap the benefits.   The cloud offers a whole host of opportunities to those in the insurance industry. By moving […]

3 reasons why Cover Cloud™ is the simplest, most secure solution for business owners

3 reasons why CoverCloud™ is the simplest, most secure solution for business owners   Discover why Australian business owners are turning to cloud technology.   Cloud hosting solutions are fast becoming a favoured solution for empowering employees to work from anywhere. Many businesses are contending with a long list of concerns, with cyber security, infrastructure […]

Reasons for Boost in Productivity of Aussie Businesses

DOES YOUR IT PROVIDER CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?   We’ve all been there. One minute we’re sitting in front of our computers, working away diligently, the next minute everything has crashed. We get on the phone to the I.T. company, and, after 30 minutes on hold, they tell you that the server is down and […]

Top 5 Business Advantages of the Cloud

The ‘cloud’ has become a common place term in the world of business and I.T. Although there are many variables when talking about cloud computing, it is often difficult to see how each offering is able to improve business.   Furthermore, with so many strategies, and an equal amount of compelling arguments, the challenge is […]

Improving Productivity with the Power of Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of working in the ‘Cloud’ is increased employee productivity, however, this can be hard to quantify. The money saved on hardware and time to implement change can be easily measured through standard reporting, but productivity can be a more challenging metric to identify.   Productivity may seem like a “buzz” word […]