Improving Productivity with the Power of Cloud

Cloud Computing

One of the biggest benefits of working in the ‘Cloud’ is increased employee productivity, however, this can be hard to quantify. The money saved on hardware and time to implement change can be easily measured through standard reporting, but productivity can be a more challenging metric to identify.


Productivity may seem like a “buzz” word but in reality, reducing the challenge of using technology, coping with system changes and finding the right version of documents usually results in streamlining workloads and reducing the pressure on your team. So how does ONE change provide so many advantages?


We created a list of the top 6 reasons how a dedicated cloud based solution boosts employee productivity:



1. Collaboration


Working in a collaborative space in the Cloud enables your employees to focus on processes or tasks only when their involvement is needed, freeing them up to complete work on other projects.



2. Process Management


FocusNet Technology’s Business Cloud allows for process standardisation and document centralisation. By adding a centralised place for the work to happen, duplication is reduced and bottlenecks can be quickly located and cleared, resulting in considerable efficiency gains.



3. Flexibility


Workplace flexibility is about enabling your employees to participate in a process or complete a task, anywhere, anytime. As our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) runs on any device supporting RDP, each employee can respond to any number of tasks, even while out of the office. This flexibility of access means important work doesn’t get held up when employees are on the road, interstate or working from home.



4. Asynchronous Collaboration


Cloud technology has come along way in developing a platform where different collaborative actions can happen at different times. For example, the ability to employ multiple people working on the same project in different locations, at different times offers 24/7 productivity and or support.



5. Faster Learning Curve


Utilising a cloud infrastructure provides all employees with the same experience, regardless of their physical hardware or location. This means laptops can be replaced (or even BYOD) and our Cloud solution remains consistent.



6. Integration


The Cloud resolves integration issues by providing a single central platform for your business. This means application integration is possible without the hassle of connection delays between different hosts, businesses, software or online data stores.



FocusNet Technology’s Business Cloud helps our clients tackle the ever-changing software and application frontier, by bringing stability, surety and reliability to your user environment. By providing your team with a tried and consistent user experience, the challenges of change fades in the atmosphere.


Consider migrating today for peace of mind, unlimited access and centralised team environments to ensure your I.T. strategy is supporting your business efficiently. Contact us today on 1300 077 777 for more information