Has 2020 left you feeling a bit scrambled?
IT Solutions

Five crucial I.T. components to help businesses adapt to the new norm.   Has life in 2020 left you feeling a bit scrambled?   People are talking about “when things go back to normal”, but what if they never return to the “pre-COVID-19 days”. From now on, what does business-as-usual mean?   As a leading […]

Top 3 Risks Of Hosting Your Business Data Offshore
Data Security

Deciding on the right cloud technology partner to suit your business is something to be carefully considered. Australian companies can be enticed by the low-cost option of using offshore providers, but do you know the risks and legal implications when your data is hosted outside of the Country?   Read on to discover our top […]

Why 78% of Aussie Businesses Are Reporting A Boost In Productivity
Cloud Computing

DOES YOUR IT PROVIDER CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?   We’ve all been there. One minute we’re sitting in front of our computers, working away diligently, the next minute everything has crashed. We get on the phone to the I.T. company, and, after 30 minutes on hold, they tell you that the server is down and […]

Can your business afford to lose $276,000? Then it cannot afford a cyber attack

THE PERFECT STORM   Cybercriminals are constantly seeking to exploit the latest trends to increase the success of their attacks and unfortunately, the recent Coronavirus outbreak has created a perfect storm. Check Point, together with Dimensional Research recently surveyed more than 400 cybersecurity specialists across the globe and the results are sobering. 71% reported an […]

Survey of 1,300 I.T. managers tells how to secure the future for Aussie businesses
IT Solutions

In the wake of the recent pandemic, organisations of all sizes are reviewing budgets and moving to reduce costs as much as possible. Choosing the right technology partner can mean the difference between the success or downfall of today’s business.     SURVEY FINDINGS   In light of a recent study of 1,300 I.T. managers […]

Media Release: Announcing COVID-19 Financial Relief For New Cloud Customers
IT Solutions

FocusNet Technology, a national specialist I.T. firm providing innovative ‘end-to-end’ tech solutions, has recently announced an offering for professional services firms affected by COVID-19.   Managing Director of FocusNet Technology, Andrew Barbara said: “It’s truly encouraging to watch the commitment and comradery amongst the business community, staff and the industry at large unified in the […]

5 Steps to Secure your Home Office
Data Security

To help tackle the cyber threats your business is facing today we have put together 5 things you should do to help reduce your exposure to these risks.   We are living in unprecedented times as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe. Many of us had no choice but to adopt a work-from-home (WFH) […]

How to Protect Your Client Data
Data Security

Do you know the Essential Eight things you need to do to secure your client data when your staff are working from home?   The COVID-19 global pandemic has hit the world by surprise, forcing employers and employees into an extraordinary situation.   Carrying on with ‘business-as-usual’ whilst ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers, […]

Top 5 Business Advantages of the Cloud
Cloud Computing

The ‘cloud’ has become a common place term in the world of business and I.T. Although there are many variables when talking about cloud computing, it is often difficult to see how each offering is able to improve business.   Furthermore, with so many strategies, and an equal amount of compelling arguments, the challenge is […]

Improving Productivity with the Power of Cloud
Cloud Computing

One of the biggest benefits of working in the ‘Cloud’ is increased employee productivity, however, this can be hard to quantify. The money saved on hardware and time to implement change can be easily measured through standard reporting, but productivity can be a more challenging metric to identify.   Productivity may seem like a “buzz” word […]


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