Medicloud™ is the premium technology solution designed to improve performance, reduce cost and eliminate risk for medical practices. Streamlining operations by allowing staff and patients from different locations to seamlessly interconnect and work together.

The fixed pay per user model provides transparent budget forecasting and will grow and flex with any practice instantaneously. This increased agility allows practices to capitalise on important opportunities and enhance competitive advantage.

FocusNet’s cloud solution integrates seamlessly with multiple devices and existing clinical software and applications, making it perfect for practices looking to replace aging infrastructure.

As part of our commitment to customer service, all Medicloud migrations undertake comprehensive testing prior to going live. Testing before deployment allows our clients to immediately enjoy all the benefits of Medicloud™ while they carry on business as usual.

Medicloud’s tailored bundle brings together all of the vital IT services into one single package

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A Virtual Desktop


The virtual desktop is an essential tool to benefit from cloud computing at its fullest. With Medicloud™ you get access to your virtual desktop customised for your practice, with 24/7 expert support at a competitive price.


Fixed Price Services


Your clients’ data is sensitive. Medicloud is secured with multi-factor authentications, business-grade threat detection, prevention, and compliance – all powered by AlienVault.
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Working from home doesn’t mean working less efficiently. Medicloud is facilitated by multiple data centres & built with the latest premium technology solutions.
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Take advantage of tier 1 providers and multiple paths.
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Enjoy fuss-free access to crucial data and operational resources from anywhere at any time with total confidence.
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Have peace of mind knowing your business data is backed up with powerful leakage protection.
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Looking to cut capital expenditure during the COVID-19 outbreak? Medicloud comes at a simple, capped monthly operational cost.
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Virtualise your practice in the cloud today

MediCloud™ supports all results systems and is fully compliant with eHealth. Many of our clients have found accreditation simpler and easier once on Medicloud™.

Common clinical software that is supported:
• Best practice
• Genie
• HCN Medical Director
• + Many more

Medicloud™ can help your practice FOCUS on what matters without needing your own costly IT department.






We host and monitor all your cloud computers so they are always online and functioning at an optimal level. This means every employee can seamlessly and securely access data and apps from their own devices anywhere at anytime with the benefit of a dedicated IT team for support.

At FocusNet, we think it’s essential for practices to only pay for what they need. With our pricing plans, you can scale and pay only for what you use. Get the best plan for your team and increase productivity with our custom designed medical practice cloud solution.




Medicloud™ is based on Microsoft RDS hosted out of the Perth FocusNet datacentre following best practice blueprints from Microsoft. It is a shared desktop offering that consumers can access securely via any compatible client from any location where internet access is available.



Limiting risk exposure is paramount to running a successful business and achieving core business outcomes. At FocusNet Technology we fully embrace the Essential Eight and build our security strategy using 3 pillars of Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery.

As a baseline we limit exposure to IT risks with the following:

  • 4-hourly complete backups to encrypted offsite storage
  • Server monitoring to ensure optimal performance
  • National network of datacentres that minimises IT disruption
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Data storage in Australian datacentres only
  • Proven Crypto Locker defence strategies
  • Cutting edge cyber security and firewall systems


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Get Medicloud™ now and excel above the rest with an IT solution for the future.
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