Elevate Your 365 Email Security with Next-Gen Email Protection


Email is the number one communication tool for businesses and the number one vector for cyber attacks. Our email protection plans work to level up your Office/Microsoft 365 email security with powerful machine learning and threat intelligence.






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What’s Included In The Email Protection Plan?


Email Security Gateway

  • Cloud-based protection against spam, malware, viruses, phishing and other email-borne threats.
  • Advanced Threat Protection using full-system emulation sandbox.
  • Agentless email encryption.
  • Link and typosquatting protection.
  • LDAP and multi-factor authentication.
  • Web-based management portal.
  • Centrally managed security policies.
  • Mobile applications.

Email Continuity

  • Failover to cloud-based email service.
  • Up to 96 hours of email continuity.
  • Emergency mailbox to send, receive, read, and respond to email.

Cloud Archiving

  • Archive directly from Office 365 to cloud-based archive.
  • PST management for legacy email.
  • Granular retention policies.
  • Full-text search with multiple operators.
  • Legal hold.
  • AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Public key cryptography (RSA 1024).
  • Isolated customer metadata databases.
  • Data stored in-country (based on company location).
  • SAE 16 or SOC audited data centres.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Backup and recovery for Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • Centralized administration.
  • Custom retention policies.
  • Granular scheduling and restores.
  • Automated or manual backups.
  • Multi-selection restores.
  • Granular recovery of SharePoint items.
  • Restore back to Exchange Online or OneDrive for Business, or download files locally.

Forensics & Incident Response Identification

  • Outlook Add-in and one-click threatreporting.
  • Threat hunting.


  • Advanced search with context and relevance.
  • Review users who interacted with malicious emails.
  • Identify high-risk users.
  • Automate incident response workflow.


  • Block future emails coming from specific regions.
  • Delete emails directly from user inboxes.
  • Automatic post-delivery remediation.
  • Send alerts automatically to all impacted users.

API-base Inbox Defense

AI for Real-Time Protection

  • Direct connectivity to Office 365.
  • Fast, easy set-up (less than 5 minutes) Stops spear-phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC), extortion, and other socially engineered attacks.
  • Artificial Intelligence to detect and stop email attacks.
  • Automatic message quarantining.
  • Alerts to administrators and users.

Account Takeover Protection

  • Detects and alerts account takeover activity.
  • Notifies external users and deletes compromised email.
  • Blocks attackers’ access to compromised account.
  • Provides visibility into inbox rule changes and suspicious sign-ins.

Domain Fraud Protection

  • DMARC authentication, reporting and analysis.
  • Intuitive wizard to help set up DMARC authentication.
  • Prevent domain spoofing and brand hijacking.


  • Threat environment analytics.
  • Attacks detected over time.
  • Insights into impersonation and BEC attacks.


Powerful Email Protection

Global Threat Detection Network

Automated Attack Response

Complete Backup & Archiving

Email Failover for Continuity


Partnering with FocusNet for your Cybersecurity


In line with the Western Australian Auditor General’s report, a strong recommendation is made for organisations to improve their physical security whereby “agencies should develop and implement physical and environmental controls mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access or accidental damage to computing infrastructure and systems”.

Our experts have knowledge and experience across all areas of I.T. security and continue to provide additional levels of security for our customers. Choosing FocusNet Technology as your cyber-security partner will ensure you meet Australia’s compliance standards and safeguard your business from ever-evolving cyber threats.

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