We'll handle your I.T. so you can focus on your business.

Since 2004, FocusNet Technology’s Perth headquarters has been the centre of our exceptional I.T. services. We offer a range of solutions, for key industry verticals in small to medium enterprises (SME) and large-scale global enterprise markets. Our professional approach and attention to detail provide confidence in everything we do.

FocusNet Technology brings together the best in I.T. solutions and services. Outstanding people, world-class partners and proven experience, backed by our dedication to client-focused services, and commitment to innovation, ensure that our customers derive actual and true business outcomes, placing us at the forefront of our industry.

Our highly skilled team, combined with a dedication to remaining on the pulse of new technological developments and a strong commitment to providing industry and business-focused solutions, ensures a partnership with FocusNet Technology is a winning one.

Business Benefits

We partner with customers to design and implement bespoke technology solutions and deliver premium end-to-end I.T. services.

Our expertise in designing, building and managing all aspects of I.T. helps customers deliver on their promises.

Our solutions are designed from the ground up within a framework to suit your individual business’s needs. We guarantee to provide high availability and performance, scalability, functionality, ease of use and reliability.

FocusNet Technology will allow you to considerably improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. Working with FocusNet Technology often results in a reduction in capital expenditure for your business, improves the company’s asset value and generates increased interaction with all stakeholders.


Our core competencies include:



Business analysis, integration and customised application development.


Professional services, consulting, contracting and outsourcing.


Supplier of all leading hardware, software, networking, telecommunications and peripheral products.

Vision and Mission


To partner with individuals, businesses, organisations, governments and multilateral institutions across the globe to improve economic vitality and quality of life, ensuring we achieve excellence in everything we do.


To provide outstanding, qualitative, timely and cost-effective outcomes-based I.T. solutions to our clients. We build loyalty, job security and profitability for our staff while ensuring the ongoing sustainability of our business.


We deliver what we promise, with confidence.




FocusNet Technology is dedicated to identifying solutions that will enable businesses to boost efficiency, maintain security, reduce I.T. downtime and leverage a competitive advantage.



Partnerships are the catalyst that sustain our business. Our partnerships are forged by the quality of our service and solutions, our responsiveness, and our desire to be part of our client’s ongoing success.



We believe technology is not the final destination but the vehicle through which positive outcomes can be enabled. The development of our understanding and knowledge of available solutions will always be paramount. This informs the opportunities we can identify, efficiencies we can address and our value as a trusted partner to our clients.



The ongoing education and re-skilling of our staff is a testament to our successes. This translates into an exceptional service we deliver to our customers and more tangible business outcomes for our clients.



Our desire is to implement technologies that serve people. It’s consistent with the priority we place on our people, our desire to foster a quality, caring environment and to treat clients, employees and staff with dignity and respect.


The company’s success has been built on a reputation of producing solid, quality work and maintaining a clear customer focus. We maintain our focus on the quality of our deliverables, allowing the continuous improvement of our service offering.


  • Empowering organisations with innovative and practical application and applications in I.T.
  • Maximising business benefits for all our clients
  • Enabling people to achieve their very best in everything that they do
  • Producing Real results – real business value, not just a tick in the box
  • To make a difference



The Executive management team is responsible for developing the corporate governance framework in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council published guidelines as well as its corporate governance principles and recommendations.

We will embrace the principles of corporate governance promulgated by the ASX via their Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. We will constantly endeavour to consider its practices and achieve compliance in a manner appropriate and where ever possible.

A governance sub-committee has been instigated to “Identify” , and  “Assess” the commercial needs, pressures, and risks to the organisation and then guide and monitor the business and affairs on behalf of the shareholders. Responsibility for fulfilling corporate governance obligations rests with the selected directors and officers.

FocusNet Technology adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management standards and has aligned itself with AS/NZS 8015-8016 Governance Standards in managing the business


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