3 reasons why Cover Cloud™ is the simplest, most secure solution for business owners

Cloud Computing

3 reasons why CoverCloud™ is the simplest, most secure solution for business owners


Discover why Australian business owners are turning to cloud technology.


Cloud hosting solutions are fast becoming a favoured solution for empowering employees to work from anywhere. Many businesses are contending with a long list of concerns, with cyber security, infrastructure management and unpredictable technology costs. It’s no wonder, then, that countless business owners are craving reliable systems to simplify IT and reduce the administrative tasks involved with desktop management.

Data security, software updates and endpoint management can all require tremendous amounts of time and resources. As your workforce expands to more locations and off-site environments, you need to give employees a way to work from anywhere—without increasing complexity or exposure. This is where FocusNet Technology’s unique platform really shines.




1. Provide access anywhere, anytime!


Since COVID-19 the amount of employing businesses with staff teleworking has risen to 43% and almost a third expecting to continue to work remotely once all restrictions have been lifted1. The unforeseen pandemic fast-tracked a growing trend that permits employees to work across a broad array of locations, more specifically their own home.


This rapid growth of the teleworking business model is pushing IT to provide workplace solutions that perform equally well on every device, from any location. FocusNet Technology’s CoverCloud™ solution delivers Windows apps and desktops from the cloud, allowing employees to safely take work with them wherever they go.




2. Always ready for disruptions


Disruptions can occur at any time in your business, for any number of reasons. Power outages, cybersecurity incidents, physical theft, and even political events are all major stoppages to daily workflows costing your business time and money. While a growing number of companies are offering ways to work from home in times of interruption, these arrangements can be complicated to set up and maintain. They can also increase the risk of a data breach.


With solutions like CoverCloud™ employees can safely work from home or any other site, which is now essential for business continuity. By hosting virtual apps and desktops with the FocusNet, it’s easy to deliver remote access to mission-critical apps at all times—without compromising security.




3. Reduces IT costs


When technology budgets are already tight, it helps to have a clear way to supply the requirements of employees—without adding a lot of extra costs. When you deliver apps and desktops from the cloud, you eliminate the capital expenses associated with maintaining a data centre.


A simple and predictable pay-as-you-go fixed price model makes it easy to scale your environment on demand. There are no more software patches to manage or updates to oversee; no expensive hardware and software expenditures to put on the books. You’ll pay only for what you use while empowering employees to work wherever and whenever they need to. Cover Cloud™ is the most cost-effective way to give each and every user the right desktop for the right job, all from a single solution.


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1 https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/economy/business-indicators/business-indicators-business-impacts-covid-19/sep-2020