We provide complete office technology, including PC’s, laptops, our very own FocusNet Thin Client and everything in between. We also supply telephony hardware in line with our very own FocusNet PABX and are Mitel certified – so replacing Mitel equipment is not out of the question.

To meet your I.T. network hardware needs, FocusNet Technology will produce hardware specifications and arrange for the purchase and delivery of the specified hardware.

We recommend sourcing hardware from a reputable provider that are backed by competitive warranties and exceptional after-sales service.

FocusNet Technology provides assistance and advice to help you find equipment solutions tailored to your needs.

Once your new or upgraded system is operational, FocusNet Technology supply:

  • Network equipment
  • Data storage devices
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Multi-function devices
  • Network equipment
  • Virtual Servers
  • Telephony equipment, and more.

FocusNet Technology will commission, install, and (where necessary) provide training for the hardware we sell, resulting in full value from your purchase.


Cloud Infrastructure

Fully Integrated Premium Hardware and Software Solutions Promoting Efficiency, Flexibility, Security and Scalability at Lower Costs.
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Cyber Security & BackUp

We at FocusNet proudly boast in our Cyber Security Solution. Our approach hits the 3 main pillars of I.T. Security - Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery.
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FocusNet covers ADSL Services through to high bandwidth services, including Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, Cellular, Satellite and Wireless.
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FocusNet's Telephony service is focused on your network and communication systems including WAN, LAN, Wireless, Voice, ISP services and bandwidth optimisation.
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FocusNet provides complete office technology, including PC’s, laptops, our very own FocusNet Thin Client and everything in between.
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Software Development

FocusNet's end-to-end custom application development provides innovative solutions from initial inception through to final deployment with ongoing support and maintenance, allowing for fully integrated operations.
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FocusNet's MDM cloud solution simplifies and accelerates support of a diverse and complex endpoint and mobile environment.
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Open Networking

FocusNet's open networking solution boasts fast deployment, raised efficiency, less downtime, quicker bug fixes, continually optimized coding all reducing the bottom line costs.
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With FocusNet's converged SaSe cloud service not only is it more affordable, innovation happens at cloud-speed and expert support is always there.
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Banking Solutions

FocusNet provides a unique converged platform removing technology complexity out of the banking business with a simplified cloud solution hailing neat functionality with better security.
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