What is CoverCloud™?


CoverCloud is a fully customisable cloud desktop solution for businesses of all sizes, that is completely managed and live-monitored by a team of expert professionals.

A cloud desktop is the virtualisation of the desktop of a computer that contains all the features from a traditional desktop but is being powered by the cloud. Cloud desktops can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, and users can transfer all the software they need.

Whether you’re looking for features such as moving a software application to the cloud, providing a cloud desktop to a remote employee, or making sure that your entire office’s desktop computers are immune against viruses and ransomware, CoverCloud is what you’re looking for.

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CoverCloud brings together all of the vital I.T. services into
one unified solution


Business Data












Virtualise your Desktop with the power of the Cloud


The virtual desktop is an essential tool to benefit from cloud computing at its fullest. With CoverCloud you get access to your virtual desktop tailored for your business, with 24/7 expert support.

Give all of your employees the same desktop performance and specific applications for their workflow. Every user will be on the same page and you can easily track their progress, control their access, and monitor the time spent working.

CoverCloud can help your company FOCUS on what matters without needing your own costly IT department.

Who is CoverCloud for?


Cover Cloud™ has been developed with built-in customisations to fit Australian industry services including Insurance Brokers and Underwriters, Accountants, Medical Practices, Lawyers, Engineers, Manufacturers and more. The solution is designed for any organisation needing a high Compliance Ready Cloud offering without the need to change Line of Business Applications.


Remote Teams with Cloud Desktops


If you’re looking to manage a remote team, Cover Cloud™ is exactly what you need. FocusNet’s mission is to help businesses securely access data, applications, documents and other resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser. For your remote team, you can also conduct video conferences, online training courses, product demos and sandboxes, with unlimited Webinars from within your dedicated cloud desktops.


Easily Scale your remote team

We host and monitor all your cloud computers so they are always online and functioning at an optimal level. This means every employee can seamlessly access work-spaces remotely from their own devices with the benefit of a dedicated IT team for support.

At FocusNet, we think it’s essential for businesses to only pay for what they need. With our pricing plans, you can scale your business and pay for what you use. Get the best plan for your remote team and increase productivity with our industry tailored cloud solution.


Industry Solutions

How is CoverCloud built?


Cover Cloud is based on Microsoft RDS hosted out of the Perth FocusNet datacentre following best practice blueprints from Microsoft. It is a shared desktop offering that consumers can access securely via any compatible client from any location where internet access is available.



Highly Secure with Multi-Factor Authentications, Threat Detection, Prevention and Compliance.
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Covered by Multiple Data-centres and Built with the Latest Premium Technology Solutions.
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Tier 1 Providers and Multiple Paths
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Complete Access From Anywhere in the World at Anytime with Absolute Confidence.
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Total Peace of Mind Knowing All Data is Backed Up with Powerful Leakage Protection.
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Huge savings converting capital expenditure to a simple capped monthly operational cost with better service.
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Data Security & Backup


Limiting risk exposure is paramount to running a successful business and achieving core business outcomes. At FocusNet Technology we fully embrace the Essential Eight and build our security strategy using 3 pillars of Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery.

As a baseline we limit exposure to IT risks with the following:

  • 4-hourly complete backups to encrypted offsite storage
  • Server monitoring to ensure optimal performance
  • National network of datacentres that minimises IT disruption
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Data storage in Australian datacentres only
  • Proven Crypto Locker defence strategies
  • Cutting edge cyber security and firewall systems

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