We understand that your I.T. systems are the key to your business credibility. Clients need to know that your systems are secure, reliable, and properly controlled.

FocusNet Technology will work with you to evaluate how well you’ve addressed I.T. infrastructure fundamentals—security, controls, availability, reliability, assurance, and trust. A breakdown in any of these critical areas of your systems can damage both your business and customer confidence.

Our team can help you in the following areas

  • Information integrity and analysis
  • Vendor and third-party risk management
  • Regulatory reviews
  • I.T. controls effectiveness
  • Identity access management
  • Privacy management
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Security policy management

We also assist clients design and implement security architectures to address risk issues. This helps create a complete information technology risk reduction approach to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In line with the Western Australian Auditor General’s report, “Information Systems audit report 4th June 2011”, a strong recommendation is made for organisation’s to improve their physical security whereby “agencies should develop and implement physical and environmental controls mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access or accidental damage to computing infrastructure and systems”.

FocusNet Technology has experience across all areas of I.T. security and is continuing to provide additional levels of security for enhanced protection of the platform.