Case Study – Concept Marketing

When Concept Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency with multiple locations, approached us, the primary goal was to streamline efficiency. However, in addition to streamlining efficiency, Concept’s move to FocusNet Technology brought other benefits, including huge cost savings, increased employee engagement and productivity benefits, through features such as improved user experience and faster machine speed (not dependent on machine age).

The problem:

Director Mark Da Silva was experiencing several issues:

  • Cost blowouts due to constant charges for small changes
  • Difficulty syncing information nationally across offices
  • Interrupted information flow
  • Direct impact on work product
  • Transfer of information between offices purely dependent on hard drives and/or email
  • Manual drives had to be taken offsite every day.

The method:

FocusNet assessed Concept Marketing’s’ current operations and identified several key areas that needed to be addressed. We offered a simplified solution that worked to take all the pain away for Concept.

We implemented:

  • A Cloud-based solution
  • Leading edge technology and systems
  • Bill smoothing – one monthly fee and one supplier
  • Ongoing IT management solutions.

The outcome:

Several key results were delivered to Concept Marketing:

  • Concept no longer uses hard drives every time staff from the Melbourne office comes to Perth. Instead, they simply store all their information via the cloud and employees can access files any time, and update them in real time.
  • Savings of $30k as a new server was not required
  • Savings of $15k per new employee
  • They now have regular backups and their client data is stored securely right here in Australia.
  • Concept experience immediate response to issues
  • Staff from FocusNet frequently check-in to assess efficiency and processes, taking a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one as seen by previous IT providers.

As Mark, Director of Concept Marketing says, “FocusNet are not just our IT provider now, but a partner in powering our business with technology.”

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