Has 2020 left you feeling a bit scrambled?

IT Solutions

Five crucial I.T. components to help businesses adapt to the new norm.

Has life in 2020 left you feeling a bit scrambled?
People are talking about “when things go back to normal”, but what if they never return to the “pre-COVID-19 days”. From now on, what does business-as-usual mean?
As a leading tech company, this is something we have been seriously thinking about and have concluded it is critical for businesses to adapt if they want to succeed in moving forward.
To help start the process of unjumbling thoughts and plan for the future, here are five crucial considerations for your business I.T.


1. Ensure your data is secure


Since the beginning of Covid-19, there has been a 71% increase in cyber incidents. Criminals are continually finding new ways of breaking in, resulting in billions of dollars of losses and even business closures. It is no longer an option but an absolute necessity for you to safeguard your business with high-level cybersecurity.


2. Enable fast & easy access to your data


Many businesses have adopted a work-from-home model as a temporary fix during this pandemic. But some have recognised the benefit of the permanent shift to empower a remote workforce. High-speed access to data from anywhere at any time not only helps business continuity, but the outcome-based model is creating a competitive advantage.


3. Make sure you are meeting compliance requirements


With the rapid and somewhat forced change of business processes and operations, compliance is often overlooked. Failing to meet the requirements of privacy laws or licensing regulations can mean hefty penalties or even the end of your business. So, ensure you are up to date with your compliance requirements and if not, make the change.


4. Get the best tools for the job


There is a saying you might have heard “bad workman blame their tools”– Slow internet, laptops that always freeze, telephones that cut out, connectivity issues, outdated software are all things that are frustrating and drain productivity. Whereas working with reliable technology empowers efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. Are you allowing your team to blame I.T. for failing to keep up? Arm them with the best tools to deliver exceptional results consistently.


5. Have access to a trusted and responsive support team


If your business comes to a grinding halt because of a data breach, virus or hardware failure, you need to have people on hand that not only have the expertise to fix the problem but also get your business back up and running asap. Many companies choose the cheaper, offshore option, but it can be risky. Those who have a trusted and highly responsive support team are profiting from the much-needed peace of mind.

If you would like to continue with this discussion and see more of what we are doing to help businesses adapt to the change, feel free to get in touch with us.