Utilise expertise & guidance from AT&T Cybersecurity consultants to quickly determine the state of your security posture and make a plan to get to where you want to be.
Whether you are getting started with a new regulatory compliance effort, planning a security initiative or investment, or simply want to baseline your current security posture, an AT&T Cybersecurity Risk-Based Cyber Posture Assessment is the right place to start. An assessment led by AT&T consultants gives you a holistic view of your security posture relative to your risk tolerance and can help you to determine your security priorities and initiatives.

AT&T Cybersecurity consultants work closely with you to review the current state of your security, evaluate it against widely-accepted security best practices and frameworks like NIST CSF and ISO 27001, and identify and prioritize areas of risk to your organization. Consultants provide recommendations and measures for improvement, factoring in your business objectives, appetite for risk, security culture, budget, industry, internal security policy, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.


While every organization can benefit from this assessment, it’s especially true if:

  • You are getting started with a new regulatory compliance effort.
  • You have never conducted such an assessment or don’t recall the last time you did.
  • You store large amounts of sensitive data.
  • You recently migrated areas of your network or business to the cloud.
  • You recently consolidated IT systems in a merger or acquisition.
  • You are planning your future security investments and initiatives.
  • You notice an increase in cybersecurity incidents in your industry.

increase in cyber attacks
in 2020

estimated cost to Aussie business
due to cybercrime this year

51 days
to resolve major cyber


Reference: Department of Home Affairs – 2020 Cyber Security Strategy



Quickly understand your security risks and gaps.

Every organization, regardless of size or maturity, can benefit from implementing a process to regularly review their security posture to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and technical and organizational gaps.
This is a common best practice outlined in security frameworks like NIST CSF, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. You can accelerate this process by enlisting AT&T Cybersecurity consultants to conduct such an assessment. Our consultants have deep subject matter expertise in cybersecurity frameworks and best practices, so you don’t have to become an expert to assess your cyber posture.
With AT&T Cybersecurity as an advisor, you can know that your assessment is conducted thoroughly, without internal bias, and in accordance with security best practices.

Prioritize your future cybersecurity investments.

With hundreds of security technologies and services on the market, it can be daunting to find the right combination of security controls to provide effective protection and risk management for your organization. Mistakes can be costly. To help you better plan your cybersecurity spending, AT&T Cybersecurity consultants provide recommendations for improving or building upon your cyber posture, including which classes or types security products that can get you there. Our recommendations are vendor-neutral, so you can have confidence in them with no hidden sales pressure.

Align your security strategy to your business objectives.

While risk management is a hot topic in boardrooms today, it doesn’t always translate to security strategies or investments. By taking a risk-based approach to assess your security posture, one that takes into account your organization’s unique business goals and objectives, you can better align your security strategy to those objectives and justify your investments.




AT&T Cybersecurity takes a comprehensive approach to the Risk-Based Cyber Posture Assessment, addressing your governance, people, processes, and technologies. Our consultants utilize in-depth subject knowledge, Standards of Good Practice (SOGP), regulatory requirements, as well as experience in providing assessments and understanding information security, compliance, and risk management practices within similar organizations and industry.

Depending on the service option you choose, the AT&T Cybersecurity Risk-Based Cyber Posture Assessment is conducted onsite at your location or remotely. Each engagement includes the following:


Project Initiation
We begin with a project kick-off meeting to discuss project goals and expectations, identify contacts, and review the project plan and timeline. Engagements typically span three days to 2.5 weeks, depending on the service option you choose.

Information Gathering
Our team then begins to gather information to assess your current security posture, which may include a documentation review and interviews with stakeholders responsible for aspects of your information security management.

Review & Analysis
We use the information gathered to determine your cyber risk exposure, assessing your IT security controls, gaps, and deficiencies as compared to relevant frameworks, best practices, and regulatory requirements as identified during project initiation.

Report Delivery
Based on the findings of the assessment, we provide a final report that includes recommendations for priorities to get you to your desired security posture, including guidance to help mitigate risk and minimize exposure with approximate levels of difficulty and effort.

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“A very positive step towards keeping our network secure!”

“We use AlienVault USM across our entire organization. It was purchased to help us improve our ability to respond to cyber security threats by keeping up with patching and tracking down vulnerabilities… AlienVault USM is much more comprehensive than other security technology that we had previously used. It allows us to stay up to date on important preventative measures.”

By Kirk Fischer, Internal Auditor


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