Many I.T. experts hold to the opinion that it’s Microsoft’s responsibility to safeguard your Office 365 data. While Microsoft offers a wide-ranging assortment of effective services within Office 365 — unfortunately, a comprehensive backup of your data is not one of them.

Keep reading to learn more about why we believe a backup and recovery solution for your Office 365 is essential.


Reasons you need a backup for Office 365


1. Microsoft doesn’t back up YOUR data
Duplication and archiving are not a replacement for a secondary, isolated copy of your data. Microsoft Office 365 provides built-in replication for redundancy, but when something is corrupt or deleted, the corruption or deletion is replicated, infecting all your data.

2. Complete access and control is required
Security threats and compliance requirements demand that you control your business-critical data. Total access and complete control of Office 365 data come from a backup that you manage and can quickly recover.

3. “In the cloud” does NOT mean your data is safe
Many assume that as Office 365 resides in the cloud, it’s unnecessary to have another copy of the data. However, accidental deletion, user errors, security threats, and retention policy gaps are commonplace within Office 365.



Retention Policies – What exactly does Microsoft backup?


Office 365 backup and retention policies can only protect you from data loss in a limited way and are not intended to be a complete backup solution. 

Retention policies are constantly evolving and tend to be very complicated to manage and monitor. Commonly, Admins believe they are covered, only to find that certain items are gone, as you can see in the below graphic.



How to safeguard your Office 365 data


FocusNet Technology’s Backup & Recovery Solution for Microsoft Office 365 removes the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams – so that your data is always protected.



FocusNet’s backup solution empowers you to: 

  • Protect your O365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.
  • Quickly restore O365 items and files with industry-leading recovery flexibility.
  • Meet legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Office 365 backup items.

FocusNet’s Office 365 Backup solution is available on a per-user per-month pricing schedule and can be quickly implemented in your business without disruption.

If you would like to get your Office 365 backup sorted, simply get in touch with us today.

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