Media Release: COVID-19 Financial Relief For New Cloud Customers

IT Solutions

FocusNet Technology, a national specialist I.T. firm providing innovative ‘end-to-end’ tech solutions, has recently announced an offering for professional services firms affected by COVID-19.


Managing Director of FocusNet Technology, Andrew Barbara said: “It’s truly encouraging to watch the commitment and comradery amongst the business community, staff and the industry at large unified in the common goal of supporting customers during these uncertain times. I for one am really proud of how most Aussie’s have handled the pandemic.”


Since the impact of COVID-19, FocusNet Technology has assisted their client base of over 100 businesses and 3,000 staff all around Australia with differing requirements. From new office setups and work from home arrangements, to telecommunications and video consulting systems, the transition has been intense but successful.


Managing Director of Oracle Group Insurance, Matthew Denehy said: “FocusNet has enabled our business to respond to this unprecedented global situation COVID-19. Oracle employs 100 staff and AR’s in our network. FocusNet’s Cover Cloud system meant we all had the I.T. flexibility to continue working from home and overseas while myself and my compliance team had the confidence and ability to manage the business maintaining our high levels of security, compliance and integrity.”


To further support organisations, FocusNet Technology is offering contactless migration’s to Cover Cloud – the highly secure cloud computing solution that is built for Insurance and tailored to fit any sized business. Personalised relief packages including deferral of fees are available to support the industry and help relieve financial pressure.


Andrew Barbara stated: “We understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone, so we are offering a compassionate review of individual circumstances. As a starting point all our upfront implementation fees will be deferred. We will do what we can to help and support businesses so all can enjoy secure & reliable I.T. systems.”


“I am really proud of the process our team has rapidly established to provide contactless consultations, reviews, implementations and 24/7 support. It has been extremely rewarding to hear the positive comments about how we have relieved technology headaches, and some of the stress of staying operational while employees are working from home.”


If you would like to discuss the customised I.T. solution FocusNet Technology has developed to professional practices safe, compliant, and productive, contact 1300 077 777 and request to speak to a Cloud Technology Expert.