What is medicloud?
It is a 21st Century truly flexible solution that eliminates the healthcare / medical practice’s reliance on costly in-house traditional IT servers software, licensing, maintenance and support cost of your business.
It is A More Powerful and Productive IT Path for Your Healthcare Business now and in the future 
  • Supports all Practice Management Software
  • Never Purchase Server Hardware or Software
  • Fixed Monthly Fee Includes 24/7 /365 IT Support
  • Includes Microsoft Office 2010 & Exchange Email
  • Data Backup
  • Adherence to the Security & Privacy Acts ensuring all date is hosted and stored in Australia
  • 99.9%% Uptime Guarantee
  • A Scalable Design That Grows With Your Business 
How our solution works.
MediCloud revolutionizes the way businesses work by allowing instant, secure access to your private hosted network from anywhere. All of your software programs, data files, emails and other company data is accessible to you from any PC worldwide. 
How will it help my business?
In essence, it is having services and resources delivered to you on demand, without the need for an infrastructure of your own. What ‘Cloud’ means in practice is that the infrastructure and services you use are external to your company. They are typically delivered securely, over the Internet, and in accordance with the “Privacy Act of Australia (1988)”, and the security recommendations of the Australian government that all data be stored in Australia, so there’s no need to worry about the management or components of your IT platform.
Why Medicloud? And will it support my current and future business needs for my medical and Health care practise.
Let us demonstrate why the “Traditional model” of owning and operating your own IT and an expensive LAN (Local Area Network) is not easy on the budget. The maze of server choices is confusing enough, not to mention licensing, support, maintenance, installation and configuration charges..
The upfront cost of acquisition is just the beginning. When you calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) using the Gartner model in ascertaining your true cost of ownership per user of IT within your business; You will be surprised to learn that each  desktop user  costs to the business is anywhere between $4,000.00 to $8,000.00 annually. This model takes into account several categories; inherent are tangible costs like software, training, hardware, asset administration, and downtime. The intangible expenses are management costs like technical staff for support and maintenance, disaster prevention, disaster recovery, and the ever increasing energy consumption.
By utilising MediCloud we show you how to drastically reduce your overall IT expenditure and help you overcome your IT challenges whilst delivering both a qualitative and quantitative service. If you would like to connect to MediCloud but own your equipment and are worried about its value; we will even look at a buy back scheme for your old equipment to enable a smooth and expedient transition to MediCloud.
The future of computing in the Health Care Sector...
As we journey to the new frontiers of e-Health, Cloud Computing is becoming more recognised and gaining momentum across the Health Care Industry; Hosted solutions are quickly replacing traditional models, and rapidly changing the paradigm of “all office staff must have a full PC sitting beneath their desks”. Of course in today’s world, businesses need their employees to have access to computers to communicate and to perform all manner of tasks. However, the way in which this can be facilitated, and the cost savings to the business is quickly being realised.
Buying, setting up and maintaining your own PCs and networks can be a  an expensive exercise for any business,  especially when you factor in the associated management time and inherent costs associated with the delivery of IT to each and every individual user within your business. . 

Next Generation “Biometrics” Security
In line with the Western Australian Auditor General’s report “Information Systems audit report 4th June 2011”, a strong recommendation is made for organization’s to improve their physical security “Physical security – agencies should develop and implement physical and environmental controls mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access or accidental damage to computing infrastructure and systems”.
FocusNet a company who is always at the forefront of technology, is able to provide organisations with the next generation of “Biometrics” security for enhanced protection of systems.
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