Who We Are

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Perth Western Australia, our objective was to provide quality information technology service to two dominant streams of business; the “Small-Medium enterprises”, requiring a committed though not full-time IT service, and large organisations requiring dedicated attention to specific projects.


Our Core competencies include:


Solutions:          Business analysis and integration, customised application development


Services:            Professional Services, Consulting, Contracting and outsourcing


Products:           Supplier of all leading Hardware, Software, Networking, Telecommunications and peripheral   products.



Our growing expertise is inherent within our integration and diversity of “People” “Process” and “Technology.” By optimising the interests of stakeholders, we seek to constantly create value for our clients in order for them to achieve profitable business outcomes.

Our current business strategy is in maintaining a strong focus on our corporate business model, and in addressing the principles of corporate governance, together with constantly improving our processes and performance, to enable a continuum in creating value for our clients,

To this extent we introduced three tranches to our business to further serve and complement our client’s needs. The business units are as follows:


These strategic business units identify and communicate the diversity of our services, and to help monitor and manage workflows across the diverse disciplines of IT.


  • Consulting: Delivering professional IT and business advice, including everything from strategy and concepts through to the day to day operation, as well as Supply and Provisioning of all your technology services including Procurement
  • Software Development: In-House capabilities to deliver commercial grade software, infrastructure applications and solutions that are innovative, secure, robust and reliable meeting world class standards.  The heart of our differentiation is our extensive commitment to excellence in technical and customisation development and expertise as a critical part of the end-end technology service offer
  • Internet Solutions: Our capabilities and experience in this area has permitted us to deliver all things Internet, including “Cloud Computing Platforms”, for computing as a solution (CaaS) and Desktops as a solution (DaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for our current and future markets.  As the expansion of the Cloud Computing Revolution continues, we will remain trenchant and focused in the provision of innovative technologies of the day; constant  collaboration with all our stakeholders ensures our service deliverables will be maintained to the highest quality


FocusNet Group brings together the best in IT Solutions and Services. Outstanding people, world-class partners and proven experience, backed by our dedication on client focus, and commitment to innovation ensure that we can help our customers derive actual and true “business outcomes”.

Business Benefit

  •      We partner with customers to define and deploy customized solutions to deliver the best in Information and communications Technology services.
  •      Our Commitment  is to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions that fit seamlessly and reliably into customer businesses
  •      Our expertise in designing, building and managing all aspect of IT that helps customers deliver on their promises
  •      Our solutions are designed from the ground up within a framework to suit your individual business, and guaranteed to provide  High Availability “speed”, scalability, functionally, ease of use and reliability
  •      Vastly improve upon  your businesses  “Time to Revenue” on Sales and new products/services for your company
  •      Reduction in capital expenditure for your business
  •      Improvement to the company’s asset value
  •      Create and generate increased productivity for your business through increased interaction with all stakeholders
  •      Improvement to the company’s asset value