Solutions for the Printing Industry

Reliance upon IT is paramount to this business sector, and presents one of the biggest challenges in ensuring “continuity of the business”. IT

Systems must be available 24/7, with high availability, speed, and reliability being the criterion.

FocusNet Group has worked closely with the printing Industry over the years; It’s because of our in-depth understating of the particular business needs and requirement of the printing sector, our innovativeness and responsiveness, which has enabled us to partner and service many major clients in different printing fields, from Digital, to Offset and Design.

We have dedicated staff serving the print industry with knowledge skill, and experience in relevant hardware and software, and communications technologies that ensure the critical printing equipment is always ready to perform at its best and that your staff have instant access to the correct resources needed for the pre-press, design and other aspects of the Print process.

Networking between IT Systems and Printing Systems is of the utmost importance to the business; problems affecting reliability and performance are renowned to occur within this area of the business and subsequently put a hold on production.  

At FocusNet Group our capabilities extends to careful analysis of your entire IT system, our advice will be in selecting and implement the best and most efficient and cost effective technologies of the highest grade systems to ensure your business continuity, improvement in your business time to revenue.