The Executive management team is responsible for developing the corporate governance framework   in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council published guidelines as well as its corporate governance principles and recommendations.

 We will embrace the principles of corporate governance promulgated by the ASX via their Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. Although we may depart from the practices in regard to specific elements whilst still a Propriety Ltd Company, we will constantly endeavour to   considers its practices and achieve compliance in a manner appropriate and where ever possible.

A   governance sub Committee has been instigated to “Identity”, and “Assess” the commercial needs, pressures, and risks to the organisation and then guide and monitor the business and affairs on behalf of the shareholders. Responsibility for fulfilling corporate governance obligations rests with the selected directors and officers abiding to the following principles:-

1. Board Charter

2. Corporate Governance principles

3. Finance and Audit Committee Charter

4. Code of Conduct – Directors

5. Code of Conduct – staff

6. Risk Management Policy

7. Continuous Disclosure Policy

FocusNet Group adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management standards and has aligned itself with AS/NZS 8015-8016 Governance Standards in managing the business.


The AS8015 model categorises ICT activities into projects and operations
standard for "Corporate governance of projects involving information technology investments"