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Our motto is that “No project is too large or too small for us to engage in”

FocusNet Group is a leading IT specialist and a digital services provider of innovative 21st century End-End IT solutions across Australia.

In today’s economic climate, increasing pressure is put upon the board and management teams to drive higher operating efficiencies, fuel business growth and enhance shareholder value.  Realising this business imperative, most industries and businesses within Australia, and globally, recognise that Information Technology (IT) has become the prime enabler and stimulus for innovation and business growth of their own organisations.

As a leader in ICT services, we value the business challenges of our clients and understand the dichotomy of both the business pressures and business needs upon an organisation, and the importance placed on the service deliverables of IT to the enterprise and users, in order to help create greater efficiencies, increased productivities, and a reduction of capital expenditure; which in turn, allows for improvements in the company’s asset value, thus enabling it to enhance or build a competitive advantage in order to operate successfully in today’s fast paced and dynamic economy.

At FocusNet Group, we are mindful of these corporate objectives; and realise that our future growth depends on our customer’s confidence in us. Thus our company’s ethos and first priority is to help and assist our clients in growth of their business, by fostering a partnership in everything we do, and working together as an extension of your IT department. Congruent with “People – Processes – Technology” and its applications to business, we work closely with all our stakeholders in varied industries to provide businesses with affordable, cost effective, leading and cutting edge IT solutions. 

FocusNet Group delivers everything, from strategy and concepts through to the day to day operation, as well as all of the technology services and professional advice in between. Our outstanding people, world-class partners and proven experience, is backed by our dedication to client focus, and commitment to innovation, ensuring that we help our customers derive actual and tangible “business outcomes”…


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Delivering professional IT and business advice, including everything from strategy and concepts through to the day to day operation, as well as Supply and Provisioning of all your technology services including Procurement


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Software Development


In-House capabilities to deliver commercial grade software, infrastructure applications and solutions that are innovative, secure, robust and reliable meeting world class standards.  The heart of our differentiation is our extensive commitment to excellence in technical and customisation development and expertise as a critical part of the end-end technology service offer


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Internet Solutions


Our capabilities and experience in this area has permitted us to deliver all things Internet, including “Cloud Computing Platforms”, for computing as a solution (CaaS) and Desktops as a solution (DaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for our current and future markets.  As the expansion of the Cloud Computing Revolution continues, we will remain trenchant and focused in the provision of innovative technologies of the day; constant  collaboration with all our stakeholders ensures our service deliverables will be maintained to the highest quality


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